Call for Photos/Videos of the Horse

In the moment of action we all had our hands full – pulling ropes, waving flags, securing a safety perimeter – and were not able to do as much documentation of the Horse’s Procession and Burn as we would have liked. But we are sure many of you out there did! And we’d love for you to share these photos and videos with us! We are especially looking for high-resolution high-quality footage – stills which we can use for printing a photo-book and video content that our film director Todd Darling can include in the documentary he’s currently preparing.

There are several ways you can share your footage with us

Photo: Upload your photos in their highest resolution onto Flickr and add them to our Trojan Horse 2011 Group Pool. Or send us links to your online photo albums located on Flickr, Picasa, etc.

Video: Upload your videos in their highest resolution to Vimeo, and choose the option “Allow other people to download the source video” in the privacy settings. (You can also password protect the video and give only us access).

Photo/Video: Make a zip-file of your photos/videos and send it to with one of these file-sharing services:

Large Files: If you have larger filesizes to share, please send an email to and we’ll get back to you with login-data for a yousendit pro-account that will enable you to upload up-to 2GB files.

Tape: If you shot tape, we’ll clone your tape, or will happily accept a dub. Please send a message to and mailing instructions will be sent to you. We’ll also reimburse any mailing costs.


+ Credits: Please let us know how you’d like to be named in the photo/video credits.

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564 Slaves pulling the Horse!

To set the record straight on the total number of pullers: From the video of the first pull, we counted 94 individual pullers on the first line. Assuming the other 5 lines had the same density of slaves – which we believe they did – a more accurate count of our total number of slaves would come in at around 564! – not 300. Wooooo wee, crazy times!

[photo credit:]

Count the Slaves:
YouTube Preview Image

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Rendering and Reality

And if you – just as us – can’t get enough of the Trojan Horse, get your fix on our Facebook page, our Flickr image pool or this Youtube Playlist:


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Trojan Horse Magic at Burning Man

It happened! And it was beautiful! We pulled and we celebrated and we burnt the horse!
Thanks for all the support to the crew and the volunteers and all Burners!!

The Trojan Horse Burn on Friday, Sept. 2nd - Midnight

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Trojan Horse Final Update and Call for Volunteers!

The Beast burns in six days!

Our 50′ tall, 28-ton beast now stands proud on the playa. The Gates of Troy are built and strung with lights. At five stories high, Troy Camp’s main building, Olympus, is climbing right up to the sky. Soon Jordan Betten will begin painting his 2,500 sq. ft. mural depicting events from the Trojan War upon it. When Burning Man opens on Monday, we’ll be ready to amaze and delight you with what we have wrought, and you can watch Jordan finish his work.

Our final Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday at 10:00 PM PDT. We need some help to make the finish line and hope we’re not beating a dead horse by asking you to pony up some cash for lighting and pyrotechnics. Pyro Jack Schroll and Black Rock FX are pulling out all the stops when they incinerate the beast. C’mon, baby, light our fire!
Donate at

We are still looking for a variety of volunteers! Including Videographers to film, especially during Friday’s Grand Procession, but also during the week leading up to the burning of the horse. We need Sky Divers, Paragliders, and Pilots to capture the procession from the air. We need Slaves to help pull the beast. We are recruiting Brass Players, individually and as ensembles to perform the march and processional composed for this event.

(( Slaves and Musicians need to make their own costumes by following easy, no-sew directions at

We need Greek and Trojan Soldiers to actually work security. If you have an absolute passion to play a Greek God or Goddess, a Satyr/Faun, or other role appropriate to our Greek theme, please tell us.

We’re also looking for people to Help Make Costumes at our Greek Boutique in Troy Camp. And then we need folks staying until Monday to help with the post-burn clean up and exodus.

Interested in helping with our Playa publicity? We need Oracles, Heralds of King Priam, and several incarnations of Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to spread the word about the horse.

Apply at Troy Camp, 7:00 and C, when you get to BRC. Volunteer briefings will be held at noon, Monday through Friday.

Can you believe the Beast burns in 6 days!

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Melissa Ryan, Construction Crew

Melissa at Burning Man

Melissa Ryan has been like “My Little Pony” to the Trojan Horse. Until the Horse was packed up for the playa, she would gallop to NIMBY after a hard day’s work, eager to play with the boyz and their power toys. She grew up in Rhode Island, a state roughy equal in size to BRC. Despite coming from the smallest state in the Union and being all of five feet tall, Melissa measures up to monumental tasks and excels at pushing herself to great heights.

She earned her BSW in Boston and MSW at New York University and has been fiercely committed to her career in social work, assisting abused children and families with special needs. It’s not easy work. She’s had to physically restrain children much bigger than she. She’s worked in a psychiatric hospital in New York City and was a therapist then Clinical Director for a teen group home. For the past 12 years, she’s been an Adoptions Social Worker for Alameda County, California..

Melissa moved to San Francisco in 1991 and has thrived on the West Side. She loves being able to camp year round, walk along beaches, ski superior slopes, attend free concerts in Golden Gate Park, enjoy the cultural diversity of the Bay Area, and all of the opportunities to do new and exciting things it offers, such as the Trojan Horse. At NIMBY, she’d eagerly climb any triangle and dangle at every ledge with a power tool slung on her shoulder and a gleeful smile on her face.  What she lacked in knowledge and skill she made up with a willingness to learn and desire to work harder than three men. An unexpected joy for Melissa was the camaraderie, the incredible bonding experience she felt while building the Horse. A devoted pyro, she can’t wait to see the beast she helped to build burn.

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Togas in Reno & the Greek Boutique on the Playa

We got an offer from Jeff Mincey, the co-owner of a costume store in Reno called The Menagerie. The owners are all Burners and this will be their fifth burn. They have two dozen Greek/Roman costumes that they will sell waaaay cheap to Burners participating in the Trojan Horse Project. They will also have slave togas to sell at their store for just a bit over cost. And all profits from these sales will go into more togas for the playa. The more sales, the more extras they can provide to members of the community who didn’t manage to make any for themselves. Sounds like a great idea to us.

You may reach Jeff at or simply call/visit the shop :

The Menagerie Costumes
1999 S. Virginia St. #B
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 322-5427

In addition, we are looking for folks to help with our Greek Boutique that will be located within Troy on the Playa. Undoubtedly the re will be a few Burners who reach Black Rock City who have never heard of the Trojan Horse Project and who want to participate. To properly clothe these folks we are bringing yards of material, sewing supplies, ready-to-wear Greek costumes, and various props. If you would like to help us costume our newly recruited players, respond to the casting call and state your intention. Beth Brewer, the Boutique Manager will contact you.


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Dan Fox, a Man of Many Parts

Dan Fox

Dan Fox, our nimble-witted, generous, dark-humoured, handsome hero in Oakland, is the Trojan Horse’s Construction Coordinator. He was raised in California’s Central Valley and is a 25-year Oakland resident. Dan has been a journeyman carpenter, a professional musician and songwriter, a computer programmer, an acrylic on canvas impressionist artist, and a land acquisition underwriter/analyst for two Fortune 500 developers and a British-American conglomerate. He holds a BA in Environmental Studies, has presented to the Association of American Geographers, and conducts an annual seminar on infill development in the Bay Area. He spends his free time landscaping his property in Bodega Bay and researching/studying exoplanet discoveries, creating Google KML scripts to render his findings. Dan enjoys traveling whenever possible, especially to visit his family in Catalunia, Spain. He has a par ticular fondness for Spanish/Arabic-influenced music and a beautiful lyric tenor voice but prefers singing in the manner of Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits. This will be his fifth trip back home to the playa.


Thanks Dan. We hope you know how much we all love you!!

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Friday – Sept. 2nd

Grand Procession

Trojan Horse Procession

WHEN: Friday, September 2, 6 PM
WHERE: at the Horse, 8:15 and Esplanade.
Facebook Event

Columns of Burners will pull the 28-ton beast on its massive cart across the playa and through the Gates of Troy. Please come prepared with your toga! More info here



The Horse Burns

Trojan Horse Burn

WHEN: Friday, September 2, 10:30 PM
WHERE: on the Playa, location tbd (you won’t miss the horse!).
Festivities begin at 10:30!  Facebook Event

The horse burns at midnight. Fireworks by Black Rock FX, Flaming Arrows, and Dionysus Reigns! More info here.


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First Trojan Horse Freaker!!!

The first sample of our Trojan Horse Freaker!!!

A first image of our Trojan Horse Freaker just came in!!

You want one too? You can! Just support us on Kickstarter!

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