The Belly of the Beast

The belly of the beast will be a surrealistic space designed to play with the mind and senses. Simply experiencing the interior’s sensory overload of sights, sounds, and smells; the tactile interior and d├ęcor; the taste of absinthe; the arduous entry and exit, will be a rite of passage.

The red walls are complemented by a series of red lights programmed to pulse and flicker and turn on and off. A further flight of stairs, highlighted by guiding light strips, will lead up into the horse’s head.

The myth tells how on the eve the horse was taken into the city, some of the Trojans heard the sounds of metal armor and swords emanating from within. In a nod to this dire forewarning, we will use samples of these sounds and mold them into a surrealistic montage of dark tones and ambience.

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