Togas in Reno & the Greek Boutique on the Playa

We got an offer from Jeff Mincey, the co-owner of a costume store in Reno called The Menagerie. The owners are all Burners and this will be their fifth burn. They have two dozen Greek/Roman costumes that they will sell waaaay cheap to Burners participating in the Trojan Horse Project. They will also have slave togas to sell at their store for just a bit over cost. And all profits from these sales will go into more togas for the playa. The more sales, the more extras they can provide to members of the community who didn’t manage to make any for themselves. Sounds like a great idea to us.

You may reach Jeff at or simply call/visit the shop :

The Menagerie Costumes
1999 S. Virginia St. #B
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 322-5427

In addition, we are looking for folks to help with our Greek Boutique that will be located within Troy on the Playa. Undoubtedly the re will be a few Burners who reach Black Rock City who have never heard of the Trojan Horse Project and who want to participate. To properly clothe these folks we are bringing yards of material, sewing supplies, ready-to-wear Greek costumes, and various props. If you would like to help us costume our newly recruited players, respond to the casting call and state your intention. Beth Brewer, the Boutique Manager will contact you.


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