Trojan Horse Final Update and Call for Volunteers!

The Beast burns in six days!

Our 50′ tall, 28-ton beast now stands proud on the playa. The Gates of Troy are built and strung with lights. At five stories high, Troy Camp’s main building, Olympus, is climbing right up to the sky. Soon Jordan Betten will begin painting his 2,500 sq. ft. mural depicting events from the Trojan War upon it. When Burning Man opens on Monday, we’ll be ready to amaze and delight you with what we have wrought, and you can watch Jordan finish his work.

Our final Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday at 10:00 PM PDT. We need some help to make the finish line and hope we’re not beating a dead horse by asking you to pony up some cash for lighting and pyrotechnics. Pyro Jack Schroll and Black Rock FX are pulling out all the stops when they incinerate the beast. C’mon, baby, light our fire!
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We are still looking for a variety of volunteers! Including Videographers to film, especially during Friday’s Grand Procession, but also during the week leading up to the burning of the horse. We need Sky Divers, Paragliders, and Pilots to capture the procession from the air. We need Slaves to help pull the beast. We are recruiting Brass Players, individually and as ensembles to perform the march and processional composed for this event.

(( Slaves and Musicians need to make their own costumes by following easy, no-sew directions at

We need Greek and Trojan Soldiers to actually work security. If you have an absolute passion to play a Greek God or Goddess, a Satyr/Faun, or other role appropriate to our Greek theme, please tell us.

We’re also looking for people to Help Make Costumes at our Greek Boutique in Troy Camp. And then we need folks staying until Monday to help with the post-burn clean up and exodus.

Interested in helping with our Playa publicity? We need Oracles, Heralds of King Priam, and several incarnations of Hermes, the messenger of the gods, to spread the word about the horse.

Apply at Troy Camp, 7:00 and C, when you get to BRC. Volunteer briefings will be held at noon, Monday through Friday.

Can you believe the Beast burns in 6 days!

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