The Director’s Vision

Want to help make an Epic Film on the Playa? On Friday at sunset, gods and goddesses, nubile Nymphs and horned Satyrs, and a cast of thousands, will pull a fifty foot high Trojan Horse across the Playa. The solemn Grand Procession will march to the music of drums and brass instruments playing an original score, composed especially for the event. Once we reach the burn site, we’ll party until midnight, and then we’ll burn the Horse to the ground.

If you’re bringing a video camera to Burning Man, we invite you to join the crew making this film. If you’re a DP or film professional and don’t mind spending a few hours helping out, we’d be thrilled if you could help out Friday, late afternoon. If you’ve got access to a camera with a good lens, then so much the better.

We’re particularly interested in any Panasonic P2 cameras that can shoot 1080, HVX 200 up. Anyone with a P2 Varicam and a tripod will be given a hero’s/heroine’s welcome. Audio mixers with a Cantar or Deva? We need you too, especially for the music! But, we won’t be too picky, if you’ve got a camera that shoots 1080p, or a digital recorder, we’ll use the footage and the audio. We’ll give everyone an assignment or zone to document. There will be a plan to cover the event, while giving you the freedom to create. We’d be delighted if you can capture the human interaction that the Trojan Horse creates. Or feel free to stage your own drama. We hope that camera people can bring enough cards to shoot for at least two hours, or more. Extra P2 Cards a plus.

Anyone like specialty mounts? This project is a dream. We’d love to mount cameras strategically on the horse. (And yeah, we’ll pull them off before we burn the Horse down.)

Digital Techs? We need people with high functioning Mac laptops who can help us download all the P2 and various other cards onto hard drives back at our camp or somewhere close by.

And, lastly, can anyone let us use their crane? What Greek Epic film fails to have the epic crane shot of the towering creature of hope and fear? All those Condors out there for the Burn on Saturday, give it a little practice on Friday night!

Construction of this fifty-foot high, wheeled behemoth begins in June. It will be assembled at BRC the week before the event, and will feature mind-blowing rooms inside the Horse.

Help us document the Trojan horse Friday evening. Volunteer here. Please tell us your interests, make suggestions, and ask questions. Many thanks to our fellow Black Rock City residents.

Todd Darling

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  1. Dawg says:

    will have sony
    been filming local fire arts in BC

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