Trojan Horse Casting Call

One of the most memorable art projects at Burning Man 2011 will be the monumental, all-wood Trojan Horse, standing 50 feet tall and weighing 28 tons with a three rooms inside. On Friday before sundown, the beast will be pulled by the masses from near the Esplanade through the Gates of Troy to its last resting spot on the playa. At Midnight it will be ignited by flaming arrows and consumed, completing its final rites of passage.

The procession of this massive piece of interactive and mobile art will be filmed from the air and the playa. We are looking for Videographers to film, especially during the Grand Procession. We need Slaves to help pull the beast. We are recruiting Brass Players, individually and as ensembles to perform the march and processional composed for this event. We need Greek and Trojan Soldiers to actually work security. If you have an absolute passion to play a Greek God or Goddess, a Satyr/Faun, or other role appropriate to our Greek theme, please tell us. We’re also looking for people to help make costumes before the Burn and to help with the post-burn clean up and exodus.

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 Hoi Polloi: Pulling the Horse Drum or Brass Musician Trojan War Character (security) Videography Costuming Leave No Trace Clean Up / Exodus Funding You Tell Us

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