Call for Musicians, Conductors, Music Coordinator

We require semi-experienced drummer/percussionists and experienced horn players to perform at what we hope will be the largest live music event in Burning Man’s history. Due to the anticipated size of the performance, we are also hoping to secure two conductors and a coordinator for the group. Please contact us if you feel you might be the right person for any of these positions. See for a general description of the score.

Preferred experience level of the players
Rhythmically, the piece is fairly straightforward and there may be room for less experienced drummers and percussionists to join. As to what kinds of drums and percussion we are looking for, we have no limitations but we may ask you to mute or dampen your instruments so as to not interfere with the tonality of the horn parts.

The brass parts on the other hand are more involved and due to the cacophony of the crowd and lack of amplification, it is necessary to have capable players who can follow notation and take musical instruction from the conductors. Although we are looking for brass/ horn players, if you have an instrument that you think may add a unique quality to the piece we encourage you to tell us about it.

Sign up to play with us here!

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