Trojan Horse March and Processional

Our art director Douglas Bevans is composing the Trojan Horse March and Processional, which will be performed Friday night by a huge corps of brass players, drummers, and percussionists recruited from around the world and throughout Black Rock City. Our aim is to make this the largest live music event in Burning Man’s history.

“While the composition overall will be rhythmic in nature, the intended mood is dark, dissonant, and abstract, even frightening. [...] The drums will provide a morose plodding rhythm akin to a funeral march. The brass, in addition to playing the main musical theme, will sometimes mimic the creaks and groans of the horse being pulled across the playa and other times will contribute to the cacophony of the crowd. As the horse comes closer to the Gates of Troy, the music will shift and build in a triumphant crescendo. …”

Read up on the details and the sequential overview of the procession on our music page!

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