Thank You!

Looking back over 2011, it goes without saying that it was a long road to the desert and an even longer road home. Now, more than six months after our majestic beast burnt to the ground, trying to genuinely express our gratitude to all those who made the Trojan Horse possible is like trying to say thanks to the night’s sky. Such an immense project required the skillful input of innumerable individuals, which added up to thousands of small and grand gestures without which the Horse would not have come to life.

To all who contributed in their own unique ways:

For imagining the impossible; for your architectural genius and engineering know-how; for organizing each detail and your endless coordinating; for processing payment after payment and issuing tax receipts; for pounding nails and soldering steel; for tirelessly building us a village and palace to call home; for your brawn and your steel; for your steady hands and keen eyes; for your fire and arrows; for warmly weathering cold nights and keeping the crowds calm; for having the courage to inquire about each visitor’s rite of passage and the heart to listen; for scraping up pounds of metal and sorting through bags of trash; for honoring our playful process of creative destruction:

We are eternally grateful to you all for being a part of this dream. Together, we were able to ignite the awe and imagination of countless people.

While it would be impossible to acknowledge individually everyone to whom we owe great thanks, we must recognize the following cast of characters:

For showing, in the most convincing way, that you believed in us and saw the value of our creative efforts – Thank you, Gracias, Ihe edn, Merci, 唔該, Tak, Rav todot, Makasih ya, Dōmo, Dzięki, Yusulpayki, Ngiyabonga!!

NIMBY- Barry, Chris, Claire, Cris, Daniel, Dale, Darin, Daryll, Dave, Diana, Douglas, Elan, Eric, Evan, Fox, Gerber, Heidi, Jason, Jake, Javier, Jill, Jojo, Jon, Josh, K.C., Kathy, Kenny, Kris, Michael, Mike, Patrick, Pete, Phil, Pikey, Prue, Rachael, Randall, Sharon, Snook, Spreee (Melissa), Spyder, Sophie, Stephen, Taylor, Toby, Todd, Tom, Trev, Wendy, Yoav
Reno- Bill, Lee, Phil, David
Playa- Jake, Gerber, Scooz, Toby, Tom, and all the others who came to lend a hand
You gave our beast form with astonishing talent, efficiency, and endurance. First apart, then together, you built our dreams from the ground to 52 stunning feet high. Sometimes there just aren’t words.

(…and to Joel, for following his heart and taking a stand)

For providing us a happy home in Oakland where our baby could safely grow.

Bettie June and her extraordinary league of worker bees – you know who you are
For your grace, guidance, and generosity on and off the Playa, we are ever grateful.

Chaos, Panther, and the entire team of expert operators
Set on one of the most climatically extreme and organizationally stressful backdrops, your team took professionalism and competence to a new level. Without your help, the Horse quite literally would not have been built or burnt. Providentially we didn’t need the giant Hyster to push it, but sure are indebted for your assistance when our baby got spooked and took off at a canter!

Jack, Dave, Carson, Dan, Germ, and those who cannot be named
For blowing our faux fur boots off and leaving us all speechless. ‘Nough said.

Last and certainly not least,

For bringing us your creative vision and your sometimes dark and often playful spirit. Because of you, the legend of the Trojan Horse was enlivened in us all, and, as a result, disparate networks of strangers were suddenly forged into a loving family.

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