Sale: LEDs, PSU, wire

Hello all,

the Trojan Horse crew is still struggling to pay last year’s bills and you would help us out a lot if you would take some of these leftovers off our hands:

  • UPDATE: 1x AC/DC 600W Power Supply

    Mean Well PSP-600-12, 12 Volt 50A 600W (Datasheet)

    One of them can reasonably power 450Watt (about 90m/300ft of our LED strips). They are a bit dusty, but else in good condition. A switch has been added to the terminals.

    selling price: $75,- / item
    (original price: $150)

  • UPDATE ~60m (~200ft) red LED strip

    12 VDC, 60 LEDs/meter, 4.8 Watt/meter power consumption, 120° viewing angle, 110 luminous flux

    These strips lit up the Trojan Horse last year. They are dusty of course, are partially cut into smaller pieces and might have seen better times. But it’s a good deal! They comes in 5 to 10 meter spools. If you wire more than 10meters in series, you lose brightness. The total length is an estimation, as we put the strips back onto their original spools, but didn’t always roll up the same amount.

    selling price: $1.5,- / meter
    (original price: $4/meter)

  • ~1500ft Gray 16/2 Speaker Wire

    original product at Home Depot

    Usually used for audio, it was perfect for powering our LEDs, because the 16AWG diameter allowed for high current to pass. The wire is on several spools, cut into segments between 15 to 50 feet long. It is in rather messy condition, but still usable.

    selling price: $100,- for all of it
    (original price = $300, at $100 for 500ft. spool)

All the items are currently in San Francisco. We have plans on carting them to Nimby, so everyone can easily come check them out there. We’d prefer to sell everything off to one buyer, but we are open to discussion. If you are interested in buying one or all of above listed items, please send us an email to – thanks!

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3 Responses to Sale: LEDs, PSU, wire

  1. Ray Keim says:

    Hi Eva,
    I Need 200 ft of lights and one power supply. I will send check or whatever, email total cost please. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes in Auburn CA. More later, Can ship to Ray Keim 3315 NE 98th Ave, Vancouver, WS

  2. I am interested in buying a power supply and 10 meters of the red LED strip

  3. skeeter says:

    Any of this stuff still available? Please let me know via email. Thanks and much gratitude, skeeter

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