DISCLAIMER: The project has continued to evolve since this post was written. There may be some points below that are no longer applicable. We have, however, chosen to keep this post active as it represents an important part of the project’s history.

I am extremely happy to see the project’s membership growing. I very much look forward to meeting all of you in person – hopefully in the magic that is the desert, if not before. In light of all the new interest in this project, there seem to be many new external ideas surfacing. I thought it best, for all involved, for me to clearly define the conceptual constraints, in the form of Negotiables / Non-Negotiables.

Please find below a list of what I have deemed negotiable and not. Most of the items listed below are from the original written concept that I sent out to the core members. As with most things Burning Man, there is a tendency to want to go all out – or over the top. My vision for this installation is quite different. Although we will have some pyro and lighting, I feel the horse’s design strength lies within its simplicity. The mood I want to convey is one of both solemnity and majesty. In addition, the horse will express seriousness and will be stoic and menacing in appearance. Of course there will be play and partying associated with it, that’s a given. However, I want to be clear that the installation should be viewed as an art piece as appose to an art car or toy. I encourage you as new members to please continue submitting your conceptual ideas, I only ask that you review the said conditions to make sure they align with the vision.

Douglas, art director


  • Frame structure: materials, wire, wood, etc.
  • Frame inner structure: method, welded, etc,
  • Camp interactivity
  • Access to horses head as a viewpoint
  • Lighting specifics
  • Start own camp/ piggy back onto another group
  • Camp format and responsibilities
  • Camp price per participant
  • The horse may be burned, (pending an engineers input)
  • Horse’s name
  • What to do with the horse post-Burning Man
  • Location of prefab workshop
  • Stairs: netting, ladder, interior of legs, etc.
  • A system of revolving moveable track will be used to help mobilize the installation


  • Cladding: wood polygons secured to the frame
  • The Horse’s aesthetic is a priority and will take precedence over burning
  • The horse will be constructed to completion in Black Rock City before Burning Man begins
  • The horses mane will have a pyro component
  • The horse will be permanently secured on its mobile platform
  • Interior will house a small posh lounge
  • Artistically, the lounge theme will lean towards the surreal
  • The lounge will be open to the public nightly, starting on Monday Aug 29-Sept 02
  • The Lounge will serve alcohol
  • The music in the lounge should compliment and add to surreality of the interior
  • The horse will be manually carted across the playa to a secondary installation site. This will happen one hour before sundown on Friday Sept 02
  • The goal is to have the horse’s interior reserved for camp members on the night of the celebration
  • Douglas will compose a score for the Friday migration – the music will be interactive and will be played by a procession of live drummers and other musicians (brass)
  • Another group bring a soundstage and DJ’s to the celebration
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