Dionysus speaks

On the playa, the horse will be surrounded by many Trojan War characters and Greek deities, that will guide and complement the horse’s inherent interactivity with a blend of erudition, flair, wit, humor, and drama.

Meet Gary, who’s gonna take on the important role of Dionysus for us:

Dionysus AKA Gary Bayless

Pouring for the Winery in Carmel Valley Tasting event last year

  • Racecar Grampa from Santa Rosa, CA-Sonoma County “Wine Country” for 37 years.
  • Wife (We married in the Summer of Love, 1969) and have 4 grown sons, 4 grandchildren.
  • Designing and Manufacturing Jeweler, retired from my store years ago.
  • Retired Racecar driver and instructor, sold all the Porsches except one, built the Woodie for a daily driver.
  • Have been making wine for over 30 years, have a vineyard of Syrah grapes and am a Vineyard Educator at Benziger Family Winery Biodynamic Estate.
  • Began our Burningman experience last year with volunteering at Station 9 Medical/Emergency Station.
  • Was Sommelier at La Homme Flambe’ 1 night.
  • Gave a guest speaker talk and tasting about Biodynamic grape growing and winemaking at the Golden Cafe.
  • Painted signs for the “redevelopment 3 story building” on Detroit Street
  • My wife says I was born FOR Burningman…In fact she gave me a leather kilt for Father’s Day this year!

As a VietNam Vet, proud to show my 1934 Ford Woodie in the Petaluma Parade

This year again we will be at Station 9 Medical Camp. I will be Dionysus for the Trojan Horse. I know I will be able to manage the nymphs and satyrs…Age AND Wisdom will prevail. (Last year we brought 8 cases of wine and took none home) I have made the centerpiece interactive panel for the Laser Clock project positioned at 6:00 with the clock designer’s panels! Re-Constructed a bike for 2 and made it a Woodie for carrying “refreshments”, it has side Drinking wheels so we won’t fall over like last year.  Looking for Burning Man stickers to put in the windows.

Having just reread this, it seems very Braggertly, but I love to do things and just want you all to know I will be the best Dionysus, working on my Toga now…

Gary / Dionysus

Pouring for the Winery in Carmel Valley Tasting event last year

The God

Dionysus – Lord of the vine, of revelry, and of theatre, twice-born Dionysos is a rural divinity whose cult worships the ecstasy of madness. He is a foreigner to Mt. Olympos, exceptionally attractive, and is depicted both as a heavily bearded man and a lithe, androgynous youth. He can imbue inanimate objects with life, and aids the living to commune with the dead through blood offering. He travels with a wild retinue of crazed maenads, lusty satyrs, and playful nymphs.
Symbols: Thyrsus staff, leopard skin, grapevine

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