Building in a place of kinship

Bliss Dance head

The work begins its life in the company of kindred passion. The enormous blimp hangar is home to many works that have delighted us with mirth and inspired us with sheer awe in our playa home. Walking through the modest roll up door of the re-purposed naval hanger, we have the feeling of being backstage at a favorite performance or peeking under the tent wall of a traveling show. We see the familiar, but discombobulated, things missed on the playa but living in legend, albeit in sections or stacked against a wall. “Oh! I remember that!” “Ahhh…so this is where this lives off-playa…” and so on. Within seconds, that giant playa grin appears, and the faint, metallic aroma of the playa perforates the moist, salty air of the bay. From this dot of soil pinched between two iconic bridges, San Francisco and the Golden Gate lie to the west, blanketed under the slow roil of the fog, and to the east, lay the grand Berkeley Hills and the playa beyond. Building the work here is working among family, and that family is working to go home again.

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2 Responses to Building in a place of kinship

  1. Alaya Alaya says:

    What a beautiful post, Dan. Thank you for sharing this stunning piece of timely reminiscence and present emergence. Can’t wait to meet you!

  2. Douglas Douglas Bevans says:

    These words rang true for me.
    It is a great pleasure having you on board, Dan.

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