Artemis, Goddess of Archery

Our very own Artemis, Goddess of Archery
Photo Credit: Nityia Przewlocki

Hi my name is Nina, also known as Artemis in the Trojan Horse project. I was born in Seattle and it is Seattle that I still call my home. I’m an office manager for a local heavy equipment company, but my real love are my many hobbies .. belly dancing, fire dancing, kite flying, costuming, tai chi .. and now archery. :~)


As a child I always loved to dance and ballet was my world. Performing with a local children’s ballet company we toured Spain and Portugal for a month one summer long ago. Drinking in the culture of all that was Spain, I saw my first live Flamenco performance and the fire of the dance stole my heart .. my future was dancing.

In 2008 the adventure of a life time began .. I began studying belly dance with Leslie Rosen of Raqs Serpentine and my passion for dance grew deeper than ever imaginable. Studying with various local teachers and attending various workshops, my style of dance has become a fusion of American Caberet and Hip Hop with traces of ATS, Egyptian, Ballet, Salsa and Modern Dance.

Nina as Sasha Onyx
Photo Credit: Espresso Buzz

Not only was I starting on a path of dance again, my evolution of a performer and costuming artist began as well. A full back and leg tattoo were well under way, each new session of art marking another step along my journey. Belly dancing introduced me to new social networks .. attending local shows, meeting local performers and burlesque artists, traveling to local festivals and Burning Man .. my creativity was alive and desire to share my magic could no longer be denied. My world and mind had opened like never before, I was now free to create whatever my imagination could dream up.

Shortly after starting belly dance, I very much wanted to combine dance with fire. Studying poi under Leslie Rosen of Pyrosutra and Miss Fire of Spinergy Arts, this fire fly began to burn brightly. Not long after learning to spin poi my interests in fire tools widened .. hula hooping, fire fans, rope dart, snake poi and fire eating all came into the mix. I joined Spinergy Arts as Sasha Onyx in 2010 and performed local events and shows, I left the troupe late last year to pursue other forms of dance.

Wind Worshipping with DOTA
Photo Credit: Tim Elverston

I first experienced Burning Man in 2009 with a few friends and again in 2010 to camp with the beautiful people of Hippocampus. The last two years have been full of amazing adventures and experiences and I can’t wait to again return this year to camp with DOTA (Department of Tethered Aviation) and will participate in many wind worshipping projects with them. 

When I read about the Trojan Horse I really wanted to become a part of this incredible project. Over the years in discovering my spiritual path, Artemis is a deity I’ve always had a strong connection with. Moon goddess, hunter, animal lover .. I want to bring her to life in a way that will share her beauty and feminine strength. I’ve been practicing archery for the last two months and have found a new love in this ancient skill. I’m so proud to be a part of this epic performance piece and I can’t wait to share this with all of you!



We are starting a series of personal portraits about our collaborators / volunteers / performers. If you want to be featured, please send us text and image to info (at) trojanhorse2011 (dot) com. We’d like to hear about your first Burning Man experience, your connection to the Trojan Horse, and how you’re preparing for this year’s festival.

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7 Responses to Artemis, Goddess of Archery

  1. Katha Dalton says:

    SO very proud to know you honey!
    Can’t wait to be home…

  2. Hank says:

    You’re such a bad-ass!
    Love the archery pic.

  3. Mark Dalton says:

    Awesome, Nina! Can’t wait to see you on the Playa!

  4. Eric Swenson says:

    Artemis, I flat out love you. What an artist you are! Can’t wait for you to ignite the horse with your flaming arrow. I am so happy the horse brought us together.

  5. Jess says:

    So very proud of you, Nines ~ your passion for all things creative is inspiring! XOXO!!

  6. Aaron Seemer says:

    I’m so happy that our paths crossed that night on the playa in 2009. You are an amazing person and will be a great Artemis! I’m excited for this project!

  7. Joystick says:

    I am a fellow archer. I just finished my flaming arrow. Wil see you on the playa!

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