Horse-athon HOW TO

Join us for our big global Trojan Horse-athon!

How it works

Our $100,000 project price tag may seem daunting, but when you break it down and share the load, it’s easy to see how many hands make light work. For example, bringing 20 friends together for a meal at $20 a pop will bring in $400. If 200 people from around the world joined us for a similar fundraiser, we would have our horse nearly paid for! Think of the stone soup story… if everyone pitches in, the whole community reaps the benefits.

Here’s what you’ll find below:

  1. List of things to consider when getting started
  2. A fundraising toolkit
  3. Suggested fundraising activities
  4. In-kind donations
  5. Prizes & rewards info

Here’s an outline of steps you should consider to get started

  1. Commit to a fundraising goal
    Whether it’s $250 or $3,000, all contributions will make a difference
  2. Select an activity – surprise yourself
    The world is your oyster. But, just in case you need a jumpstart on your fundraising brainstorm, check out our list of fundraising event ideas below
  3. Confirm support from your community for taking action to make it happen
    No one is an island. Talk this project up with your friends and bring your community together to support the Trojan Horse.
  4. Secure a date (in the month of June) and venue
    Make sure the space you choose is appropriate for the size and scale of event – i.e. your backyard, a local community center, or a giant warehouse.
  5. Fill out our online form
    Let us know where you’re going to be, what you’re getting up to, and how much you hope to raise.
  6. Shake your money-maker! Link into this world-wide fundraising event.
    And while you’re shaking, make sure you document the event with photos and video that we can share with the world to show how cool you all are.

We Got Your Back (fundraising kit)

To help make your event a wild success, we are going to provide you with some essential items to promote your fundraising activity. Download our fundraising kit, which includes:

Suggested Activities

When you think about it, there’s so much you could do to bring people together, get silly, and raise money for this exciting project. Here’s a selection of some ideas we came up with:

  • Throw a house party
  • Donate proceeds from an underground DJ event
  • Host a happening
  • Throw a fetish party with a Greek theme
  • Provide a workshop on building costumes to your community
  • Offer an educational experience to your office
  • Make a video
  • Fire Dance, Spin Poi, Hoop dance
  • Demonstrate shooting flaming arrows
  • Perform your best ‘stupid human’ tricks
  • Write and read a poem
  • Build a catapult
  • Demonstrate greco-roman inventions
  • Climb a rock
  • Educate your community about Greek mythology
  • Serve a feast
  • Read the Illiad

Let your imagination run wild! Show us how you celebrate the Trojan Horse, in your corner of the world, and help raise awareness and the funds to make it a reality.

In-Kind Donations

We would also warmly welcome donations of materials and services in lieu of cash. Below is a list of such items:

  • Lumber, construction fittings (SF Bay Area and Reno only)
  • Trucking/Transportation Services (SF Bay Area and Reno only)
  • LED/EL/Lighting rental or purchase
  • Shade Cloth
  • Building space in Reno
  • Costuming Materials
  • Used carpet
  • Storage space in Bay Area
  • Solar Panels
  • Construction Lighting
  • Sound System
  • Videography Equipment
  • Editing, Production facilities

Prizes and Rewards

It’s not common for burners to ask, “what’s in it for me?” when it comes to contributing to Burning Man initiatives. But we wanted you to know that we know how fun a little healthy competition can be. In that spirit and as part of the Trojan Horse-athon, we are offering the following rewards to participants:

We have two prizes (“best” and “god awful, but at least you tried”) for each of the following categories:

1. Costume
Eligibility: pull out your best digs for the fundraising event, Trojan Horse related or not, send us a picture or video with your name and costume description.
2. Performance
Eligibility: stream a video of your talented self and share whatever rare and wonderful gifts your momma gave you.

What’s that? You’re wondering what you can win?

In the category of

Catered lunch for you and two lucky friends in the belly of the beast
(redeemable on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

In the category of

A free ticket to Burning Man!!!


All fundraisers are eligible to reap our fabulous rewards for project donations. Whether you are collecting funds from friends and making a single donation or tracking your friends’ donations via pledge forms and sending us your total, check out what you could take away for your contribution to bringing the beast to life. [And, remember, any donations made within the United States are eligible for a tax receipt. Sorry, the rest of the world but your contributions still mean ever so much to us!!!!]

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