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Folding template is ready!

Build your own horse! Out of paper! The template is ready in PDF-form, and you’ll find instructions (and hopefully soon pictures of several paper ponies) here!

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178 planes (yes, we love triangles, but for simplicity sake i smuggled about 20 quadrangles into this one) unrolled with Rhino, split into 11 parts, printed onto Letter-size paper, cut and folded, taped together and voilĂ ! – It’s a little … Continue reading

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Trojan Horse Poster Collection

Look at our fancy poster collection! This is one stylish beast!

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Trojan Horse Procession

On the fifth night of Burning Man, the Trojan Horse will begin its own rites of passage. Hundreds of burners will cart this monumental piece to its ceremonial place of honor inside the Gates of Troy. A large procession with … Continue reading

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