This Magnificent Icon

Watching a construction site, especially when something interesting is taking shape, is as fascinating as watching a structure burn. They mark out little geographical spots in our minds as a place where change, progress and the transient bustle of something uniquely human is transpiring, or as a place where under crackle and sparks of the “sun unwinding” itself from the confines of the burning timber, a local landmark is lost. The events hold our attention not unlike fine art; often defying a description of the nature of that grip. We spectate, watching the beams and posts find their proper place, and strain to discern where this skeleton fits in that almost utopian rendering attached to the barrier fence, or we watch as the smoke billows and flames lick into the night’s canopy, paradoxically wishing both the fire and the fire fighters good luck. Building and fire often occupy a place in our minds normally engaged by art, so much the richer experience to create this magnificent icon.

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