Inside the Horse

Participants climb ladders and stairs in the horse’s rear legs to reach the rooms in the belly of the beast. There we will play with all their five senses, but in a context far removed from ancient Greece. We will use a variety of modern lighting and other visual stimuli to achieve unusual mental effects in viewers, A melange of electronic and other sounds, smells, potent potables, and tactile interiors will contribute to the phenomena acting upon participants. Beyond the bar, Burners will be able to ascend stairs to the lookout in the horse’s head, enter into an oracular state, then return to the horse‚Äôs rear and exit.

The interior of the horse is divided into four very different rooms:

  • Entry/Exit and Hindquarters: People access the horse on ladders and steps that run up the rear legs, to a small room separated from the main room by a wall with a door.
  • Main Room: Completely separate room with floor to ceiling walls at either end and open space above, allowing for ventilation.
  • Headquarters: People will be able to exit the main room and enter another small room from which visitors can climb a ladder up to an observation post in the horse’s head or enter an oracular state.
  • Oracle Room: A hidden room underneath the staircase allows people to enter into an Oracle-State.

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