The Procession

The Trojan Horse will begin its last “rights” of passage on the fifth night of Burning Man at sundown. Columns of Burners will pull the 28-ton beast on its massive cart across the playa and through the Gates of Troy. This interactive and dramatic act will push mobile art in a novel direction.

Primary Site of Horse = 8:15 and Esplanade
Procession starts at 6 PM on Friday, Sept. 2nd

A raucous march

A large procession with loud, cacophonic music will accompany the migration. The music, composed by Douglas Bevans for the Trojan Horse procession, will be interactive and performed by a massive corps of drummers and brass players. Drums will provide a rhythm akin to a war march. The brass, in addition to playing the main musical theme, will occasionally mimic the creaks and groans of the horse and cart being pulled and at other times will contribute to the cacophony of the crowd.

The procession will be loud and raucous – as will the party following the move and burning of the beast. We are anticipating pandemonium and a full-scale celebration with DJs and a powerful sound system.

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