At night, horse will be heavily illuminated. Two different lighting schemes–individually and in combination–will accentuate the horse’s malevolent presence on the playa. Both lighting schemes will be programmed to create the impression of a pulsating and throbbing interior.

Lighting Scheme 1

An array of spots positioned around the installation site will color the horse’s body in gradients ranging from pink to blue and green. The beast will be clearly visible from afar.

Lighting Scheme 2

Additionally the horse’s triangular skin paneling will be equipped with red glowing EL-wire outlines. The horse’s black body will fade into the darkness of the night and the abstract red wireframe effect of the EL-wire will highlight the polygonal outer-worldliness of this cubistic modern Trojan Horse. Segmentation of the EL-wire circuits and dimming mechanisms will allow sophisticated animation effects to be played out across the horse’s body.

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