The Hidden Oracle Room

Back in ancient Greece the Delphic Oracle had Apollo possess the spirit of the priestess, by falling in trance from the high ethylene gas coming out of the opening in the earth. She would rave ecstatic prophecies that the priests would then translate.

A small hidden room in the back of the Trojan Horse bar space acts as modern oracle temple, where instead of high ethylene gas the neural noise in your own head is the source for hallucinations and prophecies spoken through you by Apollo and his fellow gods. Atmospheric sounds dimming out the surrounding noises, mind stimulating scents and a visual experience inducing the Ganzfeld effect wait for the chosen modern priest/priestess in the cozy hide-out.

Here, the appointed ‘oracle’ will be secluded from the outside madness and focus on staring into a monochrome color field. The Ganzfeld effect is the phenomenon when the visual system turns off processing because it believes that it receives no input (only a monochrome color field) and the brain starts amplifying the neural noise which can lead to the hallucinations of visual patterns and even dream-like experiences. In an oracle fashion, the people receive their ‘prophecies’ from within, from their own hallucinations.

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