Recap: Pre-Compression, SF

Pre-Compression was tons of fun – thank you to everyone who came out to say hello and shake it with Quillface and the rest of us. We were able to connect many of our team who have previously only spoke on the phone – Bill Tubman from Reno, Tiki Todd who will be trucking us to the playa and Lefty and Shade – our PR support team based in Sacramento were all on hand. We met many new friends – designers, builders, revelers and many curious newbies we’re excited to see experience ‘home’ for the first time… Performance, DJs, Costumes, Friends and so much killer art is on it’s way to the playa. Please consider supporting another project (as well as increasing your donation to the Trojan Horse). OTIC Oasis will be incredibly special as will Tympani Lambada by Flaming Lotus Girls.

Trojan girl in SF
Ariel Sutro

Quillface and the horse all in white!

Quillface all sparkly and in good company

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