Reunion at Burning Man 2012!

Burners who participated in Trojan Horse 2011 and fans of the piece are invited to a reunion and celebration of the Horse at 8 PM, Thursday, Aug. 30. The event at Shift Camp, 9:45 and A, will feature several core folk from the project, including originator Douglas Bevans, Constuction Coordinator Dan Fox, Homer, Dionysius, filmmaker Todd Darling, and Dear Alma all the way from Singapore. “Black Rock Horse,” Darling’s documentary, will screen at 8:30, followed by N.K. Guy’s slideshow about the project. Extra points awarded to attendees who come in their Greek or Trojan costumes.

NOTE: A general amnesty has been declared and the 500 or so individuals who participated in the Great Slave Revolt and took off running with the Horse are still welcome at the reunion. All is forgiven.

Location: Shift Camp, 9:45 and A, BRC
Time: 8 PM, Thursday, Aug. 30

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